Are you interested in taking the next step in pursuing your certificate or degree but cannot make a commitment to travel or attend classes on a restricted schedule? Perhaps you work the night shift and need to rest during the day or maybe you have to take care of your family throughout the day and the evening or late at night is the best time to study? Maybe you have just graduated from high school and would prefer to do coursework on your own time and on your own schedule? 如果这听起来很吸引你, read further to learn more about online learning at 澳门威斯尼人移动官网.


澳门威斯尼人移动官网提供各种在线课程, 从通识教育要求到核心课程要求. A number of our degree and certificates can be completed through online courses and hybrid offerings, 尽量减少往返校园的次数.


We understand that college may not be your first priority and that there are other responsibilities on your plate, but we want to make sure you can schedule “life” around college and not the other way around. 课程通过异步在线提供, 通过Zoom或微软团队进行远程同步, 或者采用混合或混合灵活格式. 


You need to have basic technology skills and access to an Internet connection to take an online course. (强烈建议高速连接.)


  • 创建和保存文档
  • 管理和组织文档(文件)和文件夹
  • 上传和下载文件
  • 发送和接收电子邮件
  • 使用网址导航到网站
  • 执行基本的网络搜索

如果你没有基本的计算机技能, we recommend you take an introductory computer course before attempting fully online courses.

澳门威斯尼人移动官网 uses Canvas as its online learning platform.

各种各样的短 视频教程 可以帮助您浏览Canvas.

Hardware and software required to use Canvas: (澳门威斯尼人移动官网 provides all students with a college 电子邮件 address.  This 电子邮件 is used for all college communications and students are required to use their college account.)


画布最好以800×600的最低分辨率观看. 如果您想在屏幕较小的设备上查看Canvas, 澳门威利斯网移动官网建议使用Canvas移动应用程序.


  • Windows 7及更新版本
  • Mac OSX 10.6及以上版本
  • Linux - chromeOS


  • iOS 7及以上版本(因设备而异)
  • 安卓4.2及以上版本


  • 尽可能使用5年以上的电脑
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2 ghz处理器


  • 以及兼容性和web标准, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
  • 最小512kbps 

如果你是自我激励的, 有良好的时间管理能力, 你精通英语吗, 以及能使用互联网的计算机技能, 你应该在网上课上取得成功.

At the present time one certificate is available: 图书馆 Technology

Student support services are available in person and zoom through the 学生的成功 Center, 或者从你的老师那里. Once you have access to Canvas you will also have admission to Smarthinking Online Tutoring in the Tools section of Canvas.

在线学习最重要的部分是一台可靠的计算机, internet access and appropriate software to support your academic efforts. 请参考入门中列出的要求.

Current online students can register online through the 学生资讯系统(姐姐).   新生必须与招生专员见面注册, 是否亲自, 通过电话, 或者通过缩放. 

To apply for admissions to one of the online degree or certificate programs, 你将遵循与其他学生相同的过程. 应用, 点击这里.

The bookstore offers the convenience of sending your books to your front door. 参观 网上书店 或者亲自去.

是的. You have the same access to all of our electronic resources off-campus as you do on-campus. In order to access 澳门威斯尼人移动官网 图书馆 Resources off-campus you will need your EasyLogin (same as your Canvas, 姐姐, 和电子邮件)信息.

您可以访问CCSNH在线支持中心.  在线支持中心通过实时聊天提供全天候Canvas支持, 励志的视频, or telephone and allows you to submit IT tickets if you need extra assistance. CCSNH在线支持中心

你可以通过电子邮件联系你的老师. He or she will provide you with that 电子邮件 address or once you are registered, 您可以通过 学生资讯系统(姐姐).

No. Whether you take a class online or on-campus, the content covered is the same. 在线学生必须有动力, 自律, 时间管理能力和基本的计算机操作能力. 对于大多数课程来说,写作技巧是必不可少的.

No. 你需要在课堂截止日期前完成讨论, 发布资料, 作业, 等. Please be sure to read and understand the specific expectations of your instructor by reading his or her syllabus as soon as you have access to your course.

  • 一旦注册了一门课程, you should set up your EasyLogin account (if you are a new student or have not done so yet).
  • 订购/购买课程教材.
  • 在课程开始的时候, the instructor will send you a “Welcome” Letter/Announcement to your CCSNH 电子邮件 account. Read the letter and familiarize yourself with your instructor(s) course policies and expectations.
  • Log in to any additional resources that your course may be using and make sure that all access codes and permissions are set prior to the course start. (For example, if you are taking a Math course you might be using My Math Lab.) Getting these items worked out prior to getting started is important.
  • After registration, it typically takes 24-48 hours for you to have access to your Canvas course.
  • Instructors release the course by the first day of the semester that you are registered for.

Your instructor will “open” the course by the first day of the semester. If it is not the first day of the start of the semester, please wait for it to open. 如果开学第一天没有开学, please log in to Student Information Systems (姐姐) and make sure that you are registered for the course. If you are registered and it is two days prior to the start of the term and you still cannot see the course, 请通过发送 电子邮件 或致电603-342-3090. 



The decision on whether a course transfers is totally up to the institution you will be transferring to. It is often a good idea to contact the transfer institution prior to enrolling in any course.

All course descriptions can be found in the college catalog and online


No. You will be required to log in a minimum number of times each week (ask your instructor or look at the syllabus) but you may choose when to be on the computer for your course work according to your schedule (as long as course deadlines are met). 学生 are not required to log in at specific times but may be asked to log in a certain number of times a week, 满足最后期限, 或者参加“现场”会议. 这在课程大纲中会很清楚. 如果你不确定课程的要求,可以询问老师.

所有澳门威斯尼人移动官网的学生都有学校的电子邮件地址. 您必须使用此帐户进行所有与大学有关的通信. 它是Canvas中唯一使用的电子邮件. It is essential to setup your CCSNH student 电子邮件 as soon as possible.